Empire Inks

Web Design, Programming, Packaging, BrandinG, product renderings, social

The tattoo ink industry was lacking an innovative and professional leader. That's where Empire Inks has filled in a huge hole. We worked together to create clean, professional branding and packaging that would crown them kings of the industry. Pair that with a custom Shopify ecommerce site and they had a great foundation to become a huge player in the industry.

Empire Inks Website DesignEmpire Inks Logo DesignEmpire Inks Logo DesignEmpire Inks Packaging DesignEmpire Inks Packaging DesignEmpire Inks Packaging Design

Bound By Blood

Web Design, Programming, packaging, photography, Branding, apparel, social, print materials

Bound By Blood is my passion project. Created to promote peace, equality, and unity, Bound By Blood is a known as "streetwear with a message." It's been a point of pride for me to put my full effort into the design, programming, and photography for the brand. It's been in existence for over 8 years and has shipped to supporters all over the world.


Web Design, Programming, Branding, Apparel, Templates

It's always a great feeling when someone trusts you to completely overhaul the look of their company. I got to have a lot of fun working with the fine people at Whitespace to bring a new life into their brand and help them stand out amongst other companies in their industry that fall into a more conservative and traditional approach. This site features one of my favorite interactions - check out the hover on the navigation menu!

Baisch Engineering

Web Design, Programming, Branding

Baisch's goal was to update their branding and redesign their WordPress website to bring some bold colors and images into an industry that is traditionally conservative and stale. Their main asset as a company is the expertise of their employees so they also wanted a way to showcase their talent.

Bank of Kaukauna

Web Design, Programming, Branding, print materials

The Bank of Kaukauna is a sophisticated art gallery that also happens to be a bank. Such a unique location to be in such a small midwestern town. The goal of the rebrand and the website was to match the class and colors used in the interior of the bank.

Bank of Kaukauna Logo DesignBank of Kaukauna Website DesignBank of Kaukauna Website DesignBank of Kaukauna Website DesignBank of Kaukauna Booklet DesignBank of Kaukauna Business Card Design

Strong Coffee Company

Web Design, Programming, packaging, photography, Branding, apparel, social, product renderings, print materials

Strong Coffee Company was launching a start-up aimed to provide an instant coffee mix that also acts as a supplement. It's coffee that makes you "STRONG". From initial investor pitch decks to packaging to a full Shopify ecommerce website build, the scope of work hits on nearly every design service offered.

TECC Security

Web design, Programming

Clean. Modern. Professional. TECC wanted to stand out as the area's top selection for home and business security systems and have their WordPress website match that same standard.

Plae Bistro

web design, programming

Amazing food and amazing food photography. How can you go wrong? The goal with the Plae Bistro website is to showcase the food while also allowing the staff to easy change and update the menu based within WordPress to include the day's fresh selections.

Elemental Wizdom

web design, programming, packaging, product renderings

High-end department store meets all-natural supplements. Elemental Wizdom wanted to bring the look and sophistication of luxury brands like Dior to serve high-end clientele. We worked together to create a new logo, Shopify ecommerce website, and product packaging.

Lion's Tail Brewing

Packaging, apparel

Working with Lion's Tail I created templates for beer labels that can easily be edited for quick turnarounds as they create and release new flavors. A series of merchandise to sell at their taproom was also developed.

Green Bay Ball Strikers

web design, programming, branding, apparel, art direction

I've dreamed of creating my own sports team since I was a kid so when I had the opportunity to help create the branding, uniforms, apparel, and website for a newly created rugby team I almost couldn't believe it! Working closely with the team's founder, former Green Bay Packer Ahman Green, I had a great time creating everything the team needed as well as art directing their photoshoots.


packaging, product renderings

After seeing the packaging of their friends at Empire Inks, Releaf came to me to help them with some of their packaging design. We were able to give the brand an upgrade while still staying true to their original design. From there we also created digital product renderings so we can easily create assets of new products as they come out. The labels and packaging colors can easily be swapped with just a couple clicks!

Jackson & Co.

web design, programming, branding

The goal is simple: simplify. I took their old branding and completely stripped it down and made it nice and bold and clean. The website was designed to showcase the amazing work that Dave and company creates. They wanted a custom WordPress theme that they can easily update when they have an awesome new project they want to showcase..

Stone Relief

Branding, Packaging

Stone Relief was looking for a clean, professional look to launch their new kidney stone relief product line. We worked together to create the logo, brand icon, box design, capsule bottle labels, and single-serve sachets. Stone Relief is now having great success on Amazon!

Antidote 1848

web design, programming, product renderings

This awesome hair care company came to me for help tweaking the look and functionality of their site while switching to a new ecommerce platform (Shopify). We also developed some product renderings for ease of use with their site and marketing materials.

5 Stat Monday


I partnered with fellow designer Janel Toner to bring her 5 Stat Monday website design to life. I created a custom WordPress theme based on her modern, modular layout.

Premier Fitness

web design, Programming

Attitude, excitement, professionalism: all qualities that Premier Fitness wanted with their new WordPress website design. It features video backgrounds, rotating elements, and animations.

Premier Fitness Website DesignPremier Fitness Website DesignPremier Fitness Website Design